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Beef Section 2017

 Dairy Section 2017

The Cattle Section in Castleblayney show has grown immensely year on year and is now seen as an important event on the show circuit for beef cattle enthusiast.  Year on year Castleblayney show has grown in stature introducing new classes and consistently getting new exhibitors. We strive for continuous improvement and increase our cattle numbers year on year.
We would ask any exhibitor to consider if there are any ‘new’ classes that could be introduced at Castleblayney Show for 2017 to contact any committee member with suggestions.
One of the new classes put in, in 2013 is the Local Farmer of the Year. This was introduced for the local farmer interested in showing his/her cattle without the hassle of washing and haltering the animals. We hope this class will generate entrants from the local community to display their livestock. We hope to increase the class range for the coming years.

Cattle at Castleblayney show Leading a winner at castleblayney show
Cattle winner in Beef & Cattle Section Cattle winner
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